The Importance Of Friendship

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I never had many friends that I was close to throughout elementary school. Going into middle school, I had a small group of friends who I enjoyed hanging out with and they made the idea of going to a new school with new classmates seem a little more bearable. That friendship did not last long, however. I had gotten into a petty argument with one of them and she told the other two not to talk to me as a result. I was emotional as a child—I still am today, but I've learned to hide it better—and this was not something I received well. I was left crying at lunch when they refused to let me sit near them and a near-stranger had come to my rescue. We became friends and I was happy. I was elated to have someone who listened to me and enjoyed my presence.…show more content…
I matured and started to become more exposed to events that were happening within the world. I began to form opinions on social issues, I learned more about the world that I would become even more exposed to in the next few years. I shared these opinions with my friend and I took fierce stances when she tried to discredit my opinions. She found another friend to spend her time with and I saw less and less of her during lunch as she hung out with her new friends. I forced myself to learn more about them, so that I did not lose my friend completely. She began to voice thoughts, knowing that she could get a rise out of me. She claimed that she was joking when I became upset with her and never once apologized for hurting me. Rather she would wait for me to apologize for being upset. With the fear of losing a trusted friend, I apologized over and over. The loss of a close friend was an unbearable concept for someone who had spent much of her life without many people there for her. I was up late many nights crying my eyes out over this abuse and arguments that I couldn't win. But I kept convincing myself that I was fine, that this was normal. That I was happy. Friends fight sometimes, there's nothing to do about it, but forgive and forget,
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