Advantages Of Immigration In The Bahamas

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Introduction Good morning, I am Chief Immigration Officer 45678 Wildgoose of the Bahamas Immigration Department. The Bahamas Immigration Department plays a vital role in our country. We work along with the Bahamas Customs Department and other law enforcement agencies such as the Royal Bahamas Defense Force and coast guards to protect our country’s borders from illegal immigrants, poachers, drug trafficking, etc by guarding our country’s territorial boundaries. Over the years, quite a number of curious Bahamian citizens and immigrants have contacted our department asking questions such as: what is migration? What is immigration? What is legal (authorized) and illegal (unauthorized) immigration? What is emigration? What are some of the pull…show more content…
In the employment sector Bahamian employers can hire immigrants at a lower salary. As it was stated earlier, many people migrate to the Bahamas in search of jobs to maintain themselves and their family. Many of these illegal migrants are desperate and are prepared to work even if they are getting paid at a lower rate than native people. For instance, Bahamians may hire Haitians and pay them five dollars to landscape 3 acres of land. While this can be a disadvantage for illegal immigrants, natives can save money by hiring an illegal immigrant and paying them at a lower wage as compared to hiring a fellow native and doubling the pay. Hiring immigrants can be good for marketing a business. For instance, if a person is looking to reach the Spanish community, it would be a very good business venture to hire a Spanish worker so that they can help communicate with the customers and it would also allow the business to become knowledgeable about the community that the business is trying to reach. Immigrant workers can also help to bring diversity to a company’s business establishment. Diversifying your business establishment can help protect business establishments and immigrants when it comes to discrimination laws and it also helps the company become knowledgeable about different cultures around the world (Joseph, 2015, para, 1-3). Another advantage of immigration on the Bahamas is investment. Wealthy business establishments from all over the world migrate legally to the Bahamas to invest and promote capital development. Countries such as China have contributed billions of dollars in the development of the Bahamas. In 2014, China invested $3.4 billion dollars to construct the Bah Mar Resort Hotel and Casino in New Providence (Lam, 2011, para. 1). China has also helped the Bahamas to build the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium; The Air Port Gateway Project; helped fund the road improvements in New

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