Advantages And Disadvantages Of Animal Testing

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Name : Nguyen Huynh Kim Duyen (Kaydie) JCU number :13453960 Class : 2A DRAWBACKS OF ANIMAL TESTING Animal testing is using the animal for testing in research and development project. The experiment obtains to control variable, the effect, the appearance and behavior or the biological system under study. The purpose of the experience on animal is observing the interaction of new medicine or cosmetic or food on the animal before applying on human. The experiment seems to be very valuable but animal testing also has many drawbacks. Therefore, there are many drawbacks of animal testing such as : Cruel and inhumanity in testing research, and sometimes the result is not reliable, sometimes the researcher can get hurt by the animal. The first…show more content…
Considering about the living in the shut room with no influence over any part of life. They cannot pick what they need to eat and when they need to eat or even they cannot have any partner. Thinking about the life of prisoner when they have not committed any crime. That would be the life of the animal in laboratories. It is the alone, painful, and removal. Firstly, the removal, there are many cases where animals can be shocked, poisoned, hungry, drug addicts, brain damaged or even burned. In addition, infected animals, they would never normal again, small cats were blinded by purpose, small mice developed large cancers like their own bodies, and more than that was monkey’s skulls are cut and electronic chips are put in them. Experimental animal makes operations on animals many times and transferring the brain and more. After making these painful and creepy things, animals are often put back in cages without any painkillers. There are a lot of videos about what inside laboratories. Usually, animals see other animals are killed right in front of them. Therefore, animals are fear whenever the researcher pass by their cage. They do not know whether they have been caught for blood withdrawn, painful techniques, surgery, or even killed. In conclusion, people can not state that using animal on testing in laboratory is always bad. For example, by using mice, the researcher found which vaccine can cure the disease. However, Drawbacks overweigh advantages and the government should control that by creating the new law about using animal in laboratory. Animal also have right to have a better life so please do not turn them into something like a thing without feeling and

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