Social Media Argumentative Essay

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"Social media can drive envy and enable cyberbullying.", states Kaiser Health News (2). As social media is used to spread news and communicate, you can get caught in the middle of danger while using it. Many social media platforms can lead to risks in a young teen's future. While creating and expressing your true self on these networking sites can be viewed as a good thing, sharing way too much can jeopardize any resorts of privacy online and offline. These applications that are considered "social" can end up taking away your social life. Specifically speaking, the word social is closely related to 'community' but can produce the exact opposite that creates distance between those around you. The more time you spend on your phone deletes the time spent with family and friends in real life. Leading to the reasons why social media is harmful for a society, these networks can be unsafe for teens, can be unhealthy; mentally and physically, and can decide your future depending on what you choose to share online. It is very…show more content…
It is indisputable that using the internet is harmful for teens, can be bad for mental and physical health, and can jeopardize your future unwillingly. If you do not heed the prior information given, then your life may be at risk. Reducing the use of anything that is harmful can only benefit yourself and those around you. Stop using social media and start getting social in your community outside of the screen. Is Snapchat and Facebook worth putting your success in life at risk? A safe way towards the finish line is better than lying moribund on the track halfway. Wouldn't you regret giving up your life to something that you could have just easily powered off? It is something so simple yet so incredibly troublesome to do. Take on a challenge for yourself that will only help you grow as a human being in society. Do not hesitate to give the internet a break, or just get rid of it all

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