The Pros And Cons Of Direct Democracy

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Mission Statement: The name of our society is Equilibrium. Our society is a place for activists and dreamers. In our society, everybody is welcome. Our citizen's disbelief in discrimination, and are active examples of equality. Hence, the name, equilibrium. Equilibrium means a state of balance and equality. In Equilibrium men and women are both treated equally along with the LGBTQ community. In our society, all children go to school. We believe that education will ensure a happy and stable life for our citizens. Education is one of the most important parts of our society. Our goal is to end inequality and discrimination in our country Meaning of the Flag: Our flag represents everything that Equilibrium believes in. We believe that education…show more content…
All by themselves they are just a triangle, but together they can create many different shapes. This represents the diversity of our nation. Government: Style: Direct Democracy Q: What is Direct Democracy? A: Direct Democracy is when the power is in the hands of the people. Everybody votes on bills, laws or issues of justice. Citizens can bring up concern themselves and if the general population agrees, can even put forth a law or bill. Nothing can happen unless the general public agrees. Reasoning: The advantages of direct democracy list below, are what compelled us to choose the style. • It puts direct responsibility of Equilibrium in the hands’ of the people. Each and every citizen in our society has the potential to make a difference. They can directly voice their opinions and concerns, hence controlling the quality of their lives. We believe that when people feel responsible for the outcome, they are more likely to be satisfied with the result. • When people are allowed to speak their minds, this leads to far less unrest and civil disobedience. Citizens who know that their voice matters are more likely to participate in local and countrywide decisions. They will focus on building Equilibrium as opposed to tearing it

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