Summary Of The Documentary 'Normal'

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In this essay I plan to critically asses the documentary ‘Normal’ by giving my opinion on the different circumstances that all those interviewed entered into the sex world. I will then further discuss the impact that ‘race’, class, gender and sexuality all have on migrant sex workers negotiating prostitution as a normal everyday practise. The documentary ‘Normal’ gave great insights into the reality for migrants in the sex industry. We met six individuals who entered the industry on different grounds. Candy, who was trafficked by her boyfriend, Alina, who entered the world of trafficking due to a customer approaching her, Cynthia, who came to the UK on the assertion of ‘gifts’, Besnik, a pimp, Catalin, a male prostitute and Adrien, a pimp. The aspect I found most interesting was that no two stories were the same. In the media there is always an image of the trafficked victim which is not the case for…show more content…
Many of the women married Danish men as ‘stepping stone’ into Europe. These men were attracted to the Thai women as they were the ‘exotic other’; dating back to the late eighteenth century they had a sexual image which oozed ‘sexual abundance, sexual privileges and available women. Denmark hold the idea that these women are mainly a case of human trafficking. It is understand that they have no other alternatives but a ‘miserable life in poverty.’ This opinion is echoed around Denmark silencing any other form of entry. (Spanger, 2013) I find it hard to see how these women can embrace a normal life when they are always viewed as the victim. One woman, San, keeps her personal life completely separate to her sex work. Her husband thinks she works as a cleaner. Others get assistance from their husbands as protection. (Spanger,2013) As they all find a different way to negotiate prostitution into their everyday life it is clear they all perceive normal to be something

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