Disadvantages Of Group Decision Making

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During the time our group was working to rank the items in the survival scenario we had to find a group decision making method that would permit us to reach a consensus. Starting with a nominal group technique, we introduced our independent theories and then brainstormed alternative uses for the items, which would increase an item’s importance. Finally, we debated the merits of each item and voted to assign it a ranking. We were able to complete out group task, however, group decision making was notably the most difficult part of this challenge. As we were involved in the decision making process some of the disadvantages of working in groups were encountered. Conflicts, groupthink and group shift occurred costing the group valuable time and energy. Initially it was discovered that not all members had interpreted the survival scenario the same way. Half the group had based their individual item rankings on the premise of sheltering in place while the other half believed hiking to civilization was the right choice. This conflict had to be resolved as it determined the way the group would move forward and utilize the…show more content…
Groupthink ensued our decision making and members started to agree to whatever was proposed by our leader in an attempt to complete the task. Maria rattled off the remaining items and members jumped in, parachute yes to create a cover, sunglasses to prevent glare, vodka to start a fire. “At some undefined point, the cohesiveness can become too pronounced so that it makes the need for uniformity with the group more important than the need for high quality decisions” (p.240). Group members avoided further conflicts by obliging to the first suggestion given. Resulting in the a faster but less effective decision process. Falling into groupthink causes group members to be more passive and while decisions can be made more quickly, these decisions may not be well thought
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