Explain Why Do Non-Whites Have A Higher Crime

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In todays society people tend to discriminate against the Black and Hispanic community. It is said that Blacks and Hispanics have a higher crime rate than Whites. According to statistics this statement its true, but many may ask what are the reasons for this percentage. The reasons why Hispanics and Blacks have a higher crime rate is due to their life style, social economic status and their environment. All these factors determined why most non-whites have a greater increase in crime rate. In this country when society classifies people as being a minority, it brings huge disadvantages in every aspect of their life; economically, politically, and socially. Underrepresented groups such as Hispanics and colored people have suffered tremendously…show more content…
Overall, the questions is why do non-white have a higher crime rate. According to (Lynn, 2002) most inmates during their childhood are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also know as ADHD, when they are kids their parents do not take proper care when growing up. Kids with ADHD are usually are violent, have a horrible conduct at school and are mostly dropouts. In most cases they are not raised with both biological parents or their parents mistreats them. Also, based on the research article Cross- National Variation in Violent Crime rates, there are two models, which explains why races differ in crime rates. The first one is the discrimination model; this model focuses on social and institutional practices that discriminate against a particular group. Discrimination on these groups plays a major factor in their lives. African Americans have long been discriminated against. Many of them were not allowed to have an education, thus affecting them to acquire a decent paying job. In other cases these factors led to an increase of criminals among their community. The next model is called the distributional model; this is based on different characteristics of the population. Factors that…show more content…
Minorities are not as privileged as white people; this is due to being a foreign in the United States. These underrepresented population have migrated from a poor countries seeking a better opportunities and social economic status. But due to their residential statues many of them are denied to get a higher education or are limited to only harsh low paying jobs. As referred in the article Police Officers Theories Of Crime, “ not everyone has equal opportunities to legally obtain what they want such person apt to choose criminal path” (Wilson 1996, Lindegaard & Jacques 2013). This statement is true, because this groups face moments of despair that when they see no hope, they start practicing bad habits leading them to become criminals. In the research papers, it said that the white populations have a lot more to loose than non-white. Also once they are arrested and set free, they leave with a criminal record, which might close many doors for them in order to obtain a decent job. Thus, causing ex-inmates to continue their criminal

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