Second Health Promotion Model

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The second health promotion model is Medical. Where specialists seek to influence health through advice/ instructions/ persuasion. Also they use medical treatment and/or screening to reduce ill health (preventative model).Also they try to reduce morbidity and premature mortality. This approach focuses on the prevention of disease through medical professionals. This targets the whole populations. They try keep people free from diseases related to smoking such as lung or heart disease. Strong emphasis on the expertise of the professionals. There tasks that only professionals can do like flu jabs, smear tests, breast cancer screening, X-rays, family planning clinics. The medical model includes methods like Medical intervention, risk education.…show more content…
Closely linked with behaviour change approach and it gives individuals right to choose also Health promoter provides information the client needs. You can promote it through leaflets, talks, adverts etc. It Looks at information for target group, exploring attitudes and developing skills. If individuals know and understand about the effects of smoking they can be helped to look into their own attitudes and values and come to the right decision. Some of the methods that are included in the educational model are Information‐ giving through small groups or mass‐media; group discussions; role‐ advantage to this model is that it explores attitudes and values freedom for that individual to choose their own lifestyle. Also it might increase there self esteem as they have greater knowledge than before. The disadvantage to this model is that they may not result in behaviour change Person may not have the skills to use the information given to make decisions for themselves. Also the some individuals might ignore what they are learning assuming its not helping them in any kind of way because they might not be taking it…show more content…
Clients are given equal footing with support where appropriate from professionals. When you are working with an individual client and helping them identify any changes they want to make to their lifestyle. Also by giving support you are helping client make changes they want to make. Clients treated as individuals/ self-empowerment is key. The methods that are used in this particular model are Alcohol/ drugs misuse support group or young mums support group. There is help provided by giving people that might get have experienced traumatic events e.g. loss of a loved one, bank erupt etc they have groups you can go to where you get the help you need or even therapy. The advantage to this model is that it helps people in need by giving them individualised care and support they need to make their lifestyle better .The disadvantage is that issues only considered if client identifies them as a concern so they won’t be able to provide help every time. Also some individuals might not be comfortable talking in front of others about their personal issues. A individual could ignore the help they might be getting provided to them because they might not see it as a

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