Aristotle: The Truest Form Of Government

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The Greek philosopher Aristotle was one of the earliest and greatest thinkers of all time. Although he did extensive work in fields like science and logic, government was one of his biggest interests. He wanted to find the best type or the truest form of government that existed. Out of about 158 states, Aristotle found three forms of government that he thought were a true form of government: monarchy, aristocracy, and constitutional (also known as polity). I’m going to argue that, constitutional government is the best type of government out of the three. One reason for choosing constitutional government, is that unlike the monarchy and aristocracy, constitutional is rule by many or all, which I believe to be better than just one or few people…show more content…
It is basically ruled by the people of the state. According to Sir Anthony J.P. Kenny from Encyclopedia Britannica, polity is a state in which rich and poor respect each other’s rights and the best-qualified citizens rule with the consent of all. Similar to the two previous kinds of governments that I’ve mentioned, things could go wrong as well for polity. If things turn upside down, it could become a democracy which is ruled by a mob. However, this kind of democracy isn’t what we have…show more content…
Kenny sums things up in Encyclopedia Britannica. Monarchy is ruled by one for the general good. However, it could lead to tyranny when the monarchy rules and for its own interest and not for the people. Aristocracy is ruled by few and “aims at the state’s best interest”. But there’s a chance it could turn into an oligarchy if it is the rich who are the only ones to benefit from the government system. Then, there’s constitutional (also known as polity) which is ruled by many for the common profit, though it could turn into a democracy ruled by a chaotic mob and only benefits the poor. Sir Anthony J.P. Kenny adds that Aristotle thinks of monarchy as the best constitution, followed by aristocracy, and then polity. But as I said, all things have their own disadvantages, including governments. As Aristotle said, “... the deviation from the first and most divine must be the worst…” Their disadvantages weighed each of their advantages down because to speak truthfully, what would a divine government be if it is vulnerable due to its deviation? It may work for a while but it wouldn’t last long. Once things don’t work out anymore, the monarchy will crumble and become a tyrannical reign. It goes for the second best type of government because it is the second farthest from polity and is “widely separated from that constitution”. Polity is considered by Aristotle to be the most true form of government among the three because it has the less worst deviation among them all.

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