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In the second stage of my undergraduate research project, I interviewed my senior with ten questions about Mat135, and I also attended the lecture of Mat135. After the interviewing, I have a comprehensive understanding of Mat135, and I accessed the three important transferable skills that could promote students to get a better grade for Mat135.The most important transferable skill is Exam-taking skill. And after the lecture, I improved the efficiency of my note-taking strategy. It was a good experience for me to find the best way to take notes for Mat135 and prepare for next year’s study. I also have a clear mind of what should I to prepare for the lecture of Mat135 before the class. When I take notes during the Mat135 lecture, I used the strategies…show more content…
Based on the experience in the lecture, I think to prepare for the lecture in advance is also important for students, they should be able to read textbooks for each lecture, and it also will benefits students that they could know the important concepts of each lecture. After they preview the concept, they will have a brief understanding of the content of each lecture. Before the lecture, students can write down the lecture topic and date of each lecture on the top of the notes, this method not only can help them know about the primary concept of this notes in a short time, but also it is easier for students to review this lecture after classes. According to the interview, the interviewees believe the most challenging aspect of Math135 is the chapter of the implicit differentiation. The differentiation divided into two parts in Math135, the first part is the rules of differentiation and another part is implicit differentiation. The reason of why implicit differentiation is the most challenging part of the whole semester for a number of reasons. Firstly, the implicit differentiation has a variable of variations. Secondly, the process of solving problems by using implicit differentiation is

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