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Assignment 1 The information on certain wood indigenous to Malaysia. INTRODUCTION: The trade name of Mangifera foetida is Machang. It is a large tree that can grow up to 30m in height. The crown is dense and dome-shaped where the trunk is columnar. Mangifera foetida or also called Horse Mango, Malmut, Limus, and Machang that can be found in wet-land rainforest regions of Indenesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Machang is one of non-dipterocarp trees. Machang tree is under the genus of mangifera where it have 15 spp of them. It is in family of Anacardiaceae. The timber classification of Mangifera foetida wood is class as light hardwood. This tree are suitable at the lowland forest or hill forest at Malaysia peninsular.…show more content…
As I know that the leaf type of Mangifera foetida is evergreen where the specific gravity of this tree are 0.525. The mechanical properties of Mangifera foetida is we can see on its durability where it is non durable under exposed conditions. The hardness of the wood is 1120 lbf (508 kgf) soft. Every timber wood have it own strength and same goes to Mangifera foetida’s wood. The timber is only fairly strong where Machang’s wood are classified in strength group C. Strength grouping: In the strength grouping of timber under each trade name, ranking is allocated from A(strongest) to D. Minimum values for strength groups based on common grade for dry timber (below 19% moisture content). The units are in MPa: Strength group A B C D Modulus of elasticity 9700 6600 5500 3100 Bending and tension parallel to grain 12.41 9.65 7.24 4.83 Compression parallel to grain 11.03 7.93 5.51 4.14 Compression perpendicular to grain 1.45 0.90 0.55 0.45 Shear parallel to grain 1.45 0.90 0.62…show more content…
Actually, for the machining properties of Machang’s wood are slightly difficult to re-saws when green but is easy when dry. Cari content in wood OTHER PROPERTIES: Machang wood also have it uses where the timber is suitable for light construction, planking, flooring, packing boxes, crates, plywood manufacture and pallets. The streaky corewood is highly prized as a decorative timber and is used for high class cabinet work, interior finishing, panelling and partitioning, sliced decorative veneers and also for furniture manufacture. While the fruits are used in curries or pickles, but can also be eaten raw and it sap is used as medicine or for tattooing. For the other features of Machang’s tree by the burning splinter test, the splinter are bums to ash and it got negative for the froth test. Besides, it also have their medicinal values where the leaves are used to be antipyretic while the seeds are used against trichophytosis, scabies and eczema. Although the sap irritates the human skin but it can be used as a lotion to treat an ulcers.

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