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The use of repeated sprint testing has amplified in recent years to calculate an important element of the fitness requirements in team sports including both court and field sports. Such sports are popular throughout the world. Athletes engaged in these codes are required to frequently produce maximal or near maximal efforts i.e. sprint while also have the ability to recover as quickly as possible and to delay the onset of fatigue. The aim of this study was to compare active recovery and passive recovery and their effect on sprint speed and lactate accumulation, such sports include Gaa, soccer, rugby, hockey, tennis and squash. Spencer et al (2005) suggest that the exercise intensities and sprint activities observed during elite field-hockey…show more content…
However in training circumstances this active strategy of recovery should be better implemented when training repeated-sprint performance. However we should also apply future studies to the research which has shown to be better than active and passive recovery respectable. Combined recovery of active recovery plus massage has been shown to have a significant difference in pre and post blood lacate following after short maximal exercise. Monedero (2000) concludes in his study in which he investigated the effectiveness of different recovery interventions (active , passive and active plus massage after maximal exercise, he states combined recovery was the most efficient intervention for maintaining maximal performance, and also was the best intervention for removing blood lactate. Similarly Micklewright investigated combined recover versus active and passive recovery ,he states the rate of blood lactate removal during combined massage-active recovery is significantly faster than that during rest

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