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South Africa We have seen the movie Invictus witch revolves around Nelson Mandela as he tries to unite all of the South African people, blacks and whites, trough rugby amongst other ways. He wishes for the disappearing of apartheid, and that all its scars can be left in the past. This movie shows a turning point in Africa’s history, but where did it start? What happened that could make a country so in need for equality which should be the obvious best, and what happened afterwards and until now? Well, we will start with the start. South Africa has been a colony for the longest time, and different nations have had it in their obsession throughout the time. The first to settle were Dutch farmers called Boers. They had whatsoever no interest…show more content…
The situation worsened when the British outlawed slavery, which made it impossible for the Boers to run their farms. Many of the Boers had put their slaves on surety and felt like the British had taken away their money. The British then allocated a lot of money to the Boers if they agreed to follow the British ways and submitted their claim in Britain. Therefore, it was more than one reason why the Boers trek inland to the “free states” where they could use slaves. Therefore, the class difference grew and still the Boers thought of themselves better than of their slaves. Later on, it would even become a Boer war against the British as the British wanted gold on the Boer territory. Then if we jump to the year 1948 in South Africa when the Afrikaner’s National party where elected for their policy of apartheid. Up until now, it has been some wars between the natives and the English, but in the end everything ended up under English rule, until South Africa proclaimed self-rule in 1910. The Boers did not want to compete with the natives and Indians over the work, so to please the Boers, the Englishmen made sure that the skilled work was for the Europeans. This is what led up to

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