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Introduction- Has the recent change in NZ basketball been because of Steven Adams?. Basketball was a small sport in New Zealand but has experienced a very big jump in recent years. I want to find out How basketball seen to NZ school kids before Steven Adams was drafted, how people's perspectives of basketball in NZ secondary schools change once he was drafted, and if Steven Adams did anything that could have caused these changes. Steven Adams may be a large reason basketball has become so large in recent years. Paragraph 1- How was basketball seen to NZ school kids before Steven Adams was drafted?…show more content…
Basketball in NZ has been one of the fastest growing sports and the way people have seen the sport in New Zealand has changed drastically. WIth all the new attention basketball has been getting people have started taking part more than ever and people have started seeing basketball as part of New Zealand's identity, and becoming one of NZ’s largest played sports. A recent quote from the NZ Basketball chief executive Ian potter states that "basketball has been growing rapidly for years now." An example of this rapid growth from the years he was drafted basketball now being the number one sport played in canterbury secondary schools and that basketball has grown 27% in New Zealand secondary schools since 2011. Basketball is projected to be the number one played sport at the secondary school level by 2020 in NZ. Overall basketball has had an increasingly high demand in NZ since the Steven Adams was drafted and has become a vital part of New Zealand's sporting…show more content…
Since Steven Adams was drafted he has been a hero to many aspiring basketball players in Aotearoa and has given a lot back to basketball and the NZ communities. He has interacted with thousands of kids in New Zealand and has even built courts around the country. He is always bringing Basketball media attention in to NZ making the sport seen by a larger NZ audience which is considered a very large reason why basketball in NZ is growing so much. An example of what he does for basketball in New Zealand is his basketball camp, Every year in NZ Steven Adams holds his very own basketball camp for young kids which I personally have attended. At this camp he signs multiple jerseys and gives motivation to every single one of the players at the camp. Steven Adams has done more than we can imagine for NZ basketball that could have had a large effect of how basketball is seen and played in New

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