Exemplar: The Most Common Stereotypes

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Discussion An exemplar ranked first in frequency named at all is often the ideal or prototypical exemplar for that category, and an exemplar with the lowest mean rank in a category means it has the highest ease of retrieval in that category (Marshall C.E and Parr, 1996). The results of this experiment found that rugby was the highest named exemplar in the sport category; therefore rugby was the exemplar that contained the most common features for a sports prototype for this population of New Zealanders, followed by soccer and netball. In the birds category sparrow, tui and kiwi were the three highest named exemplars, with sparrow being the exemplar that contained the most common features for the category birds. The exemplars that proved…show more content…
These differences are could be due to the different sporting cultures of each county and of different birds that are common to each country. Prototypes and exemplars are chosen from the persons memory and are based on where the person has grown up and what culture they are subjected to. In New Zealand the most popular national sport is rugby, which is followed by large numbers of fans through the media or at sport fields, whereas in America the most popular national sports are American football followed by baseball (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_sport). The most common species of birds seen in New Zealand were sparrow, waxeye, starling, blackbird, mynas, tui and fantail (Spurr, 2012) with the kiwi being the national bird, in America among the most common birds seen were woodpecker, crow, blue jay, cardinal and sparrow (Crossley, 2011), with the national bird being the bald eagle. These popular sports and commonly seen birds match up closely with what the participants of each country chose as the top exemplars for the categories, it seems that depending on what country the person is from dictates to a certain extent what the prototypical exemplars are for that…show more content…
In 2015 the most common responses for sport were rugby, soccer, netball, basketball, cricket and in the bird category the most common listed were sparrow, tui, kiwi, eagle and pigeon. Both these data sets were very similar in the top five exemplars. In the data rugby was listed first in frequency named in 1996 and 2015 making it the prototypical exemplar for sport, and in the bird category sparrow was listed first in frequency named in 1996 and 2015, so over time the typical prototype for birds and sport in New Zealand has not changed. Therefore the second hypothesis was supported by these

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