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Whenever the word ‘architecture’ came up, the first thing that would come to our mind is set to think about structures and buildings but, does it only stops there? In this generation, our world are already is filled with very creative structures, devices or any products that are applicable to the society’s needs. In terms of architecture, it’s designing a structure that could be functional to society. For a structure to be functional to society, space, the core of architecture must be applied. Because without space, not only the people will be uncomfortable with the structure but it could make architecture meaningless. Designing architecture does not only revolves to art, it also revolves to science; which…show more content…
By simply drawing, our imagination and critical thinking are being improved. Which is why the role of architectural drawing is important to architecture (Frascari, 2011). According to Frascari (2011) “Architectural drawings are representation that facilitate the understandings of buildings, conditions, processes and event in human world-making” (pg. 2). With architectural drawings, the clients would understand how or what is the development of a structure. If an architect is aware enough of the spaces that are applied and formations that are formed in the structure by drawing a draft, makes drawings play a very important role in architecture. In architecture, a detailed drawing is important because it shows more sense to the structure. For example, a roof in a house then the architect forgot a part of the roof called the gutter. Then does it make sense? No it doesn’t, because a gutter on the roof is used to carry the rain to the edge of the road. Without it, it doesn’t make the roof be more functional to the society’s satisfaction to the house. Which is why detailed drawing is important in architectural drawings (Frascari, 2011,

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