Ancient Agora

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An Agora is viewed as an open air ground that is often located in the center of a city of crossroads. The term is used to refer to a place of assembly (Zeballos 1). It is viewed as the center of the political, spiritual, athletic and artistic life of the city. In most cases, the ground serves as a marketplace or a place of gathering. Ancient Agora served as venues where major decisions were made. On the other hand, Roman Forums also served similar purposes. They are mainly public squares in the Roman city that were utilized as marketplaces. The forum in Roman would be surrounded by shops and buildings. They differ from Agora based on the fact that they would be constructed in remote locations or on the other side of a road. Roman Forums gave the people a place to gather and discuss issues that were affecting the community. Additionally, it also served as a place of protest. Agora and Roman Forums are considered to be important in the society based on their collective achievement of bringing…show more content…
Evidently, the architectural structure of Agora reflected in spatial distribution. The distribution is evident through the sequence of their squares and cloisters. Moreover, the distribution is also evident through the confirmation of the fabric that is used in the building fabric. In this case, it is clear that Agora mainly utilized the basilica as the main material. The distribution is also evident through the landscaping of Agora. It is designed to reflect on urban space. The landscaping is complimented by the arches and columns that are incorporated in the temples. Additionally, it also stood out based on the materials that were used in construction. Those who build the square mainly utilized brick and concrete as the main construction instruments that enabled them to stand out. They also incorporated unique designs that were evident through the vault and the arch in the
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