The Importance Of Space Exploration

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Space is always something that humans were curious about. Even in the past humans always looked at the sky in wonder. Over the years astronomy created a huge part of who we are. From constellation greeks created religion. Patterns seen by arabs allowed us to use the stars as a backup map when sailing the oceans. The differences in constellation over the years allowed humans to realize that they are not the center of the universe, and that there are even other planets. In today’s world we managed to reach the moon and even send probes to Mars. However humans have the potential to go even further. Humans should explore space. By exploring space we can discover many fascinating things. Resources will no longer be a problem. And scientists will strive for better technology which can also be used in our daily lives. There are many things out there we have never seen. Exploring space will allow us to discover object out there that would not be on Earth. Probes sent to the moon and mars have seen material similar to that on Earth, however the reason is because the moon and mars are very similar to earth. But satellites looking at Jupiter and Saturn have…show more content…
Those objects can be used to help us on earth. If we pull all the iron from the ground we will need more, but with space exploration we can pull iron from the thousands upon thousands of asteroids floating out there. Asteroids are not the only form of resource, the sun itself is a great way to gain solar energy. On earth a dark sky can block a lot of energy incoming however in space there is nothing to block the sun and with more sunlight more energy will be produced. Other planets are also great ways to obtain more resources. Planets like Mars and Venus have a similar composition to Earth so finding items like iron and copper should be very easy. With fossil fuels coming to an end the solution of our fuel problem can be solved with their discovery in a distant

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