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Communication has been important for thousands of years, but now it has become an indispensable part of our lives with ever expanding internet networks and mobile data coverage. People want to share their lives and experiences on social media, online communication app and platforms, stay in touch with friends and family. This is more difficult for some people than others. As the borders of countries become less important in globalized world, many people are working or continuing their education thousands of miles away. This is especially the case in countries like Turkey where young people are searching for a new life away from their countries because of the rapid increase in the young population, on the contrary the decline in the employment…show more content…
Because of good cultural analyse Vodafone could make people’s mark in the market. First motto of Vodafone was ‘Power to you!’ all around the world and the colour of Vodafone’s logo which is red was matched with their slogan well. Red refers to power, vitality, aggression, passion and love. When Vodafone’s logo and slogan is considered two different types of Archetypes come to our minds: Ruler and Lover. However, Vodafone decided to take a different tack in Turkish market and use Everyman and Jester archetypes. The reason of it is understandable when we think about their position: Their message was clear: We are new but not different! (to make people belonging) Secondly, Vodafone has discovered a different feature of ‘emotional’ Turkish culture: Sense of humour. One the one hand, Vodafone was using everyman characters such as teachers, cooks or family members with neighbourhood residents in TV commercials. On the other hand, Vodafone started to use funny elements and well-known comedians in TV commercials. In terms of Everyman or Regular Guy archetype, their desire is to connect with others and everyone. As it represents normal guy or woman (where all men and women are equal), it claims that it is accessible for everyone realistically. Vodafone’s pricing their services verifies that everybody can afford their products or services. It can be seen their special offers almost for all occupational groups such as teachers, doctors, civil servants, drivers, farmers and also with ‘My Business Partner’ campaign they support small business owners by education and special offers . So, Vodafone appears an accessible telecommunication company for everyone! (((With reasonably price policies.)))) With the second archetype Jester, Vodafone

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