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Jamedria Barrett English 1 K Miss Young 17 October 2014 Cry, The Beloved Country journal assignment Table of contents 1. Focus on Conflict Responses 2. Focus on Theme Responses 3. SAR Responses 4. Chapter Questions Responses 5. Dialectical Journals 6. Works Cited Page 1.Conflict Response 1.What conflicts can be found in book 1 of Cry, the Beloved Country? Which conflict appears to be the most important? In Cry, the beloved country book 1 you could find person’s struggles against society, person’s struggles against another person, and a person’s inner mental or emotional struggles. For when a person struggles with society is black vs. white South Africans because blacks struggle for and equality and being apart of the…show more content…
To what extent does one depend on the other? When Gertrude is depending on Absalom wife to take care of her son. “ i have a feeling to become a nun” Gertrude said. “ I am not yet decided but i it should be so would you care for the boy?” (Paton288). Gertrude is hoping that she would take care of her son while she’s a nun. Make her son apart of there family. Gertrude is very much dependent on Absalom’s wife. 3.Catharsis involves the idea of edification through suffering. In Alan Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country, which main character experiences catharsis and what suffering does he…show more content…
Because during his trial he was releasing all of the guilt held up inside of him. After he told the court everything he was convicted of the murder of Arthur Jarvis. He was sentenced to be hung till he was dead. “ I sentence you Absalom Kumalo, to return to custody, and to be hang by the neck until you are dead.” (Paton236). 4.How do the shifts in the point of view from which the narrative is written help to communicate the theme the author desires to emphasize? It helps because we get to see a point of view from both white and black. “ It is a high place, the farm, and dwelling place of James Jarvis.(Paton161). This is part of a sentence describing the home of James Jarvis and his farm. 5.. In Alan Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country, how do the characters of Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis influence one another? Their both influenced by each other because they see things frome each other point of view and try to understand each others feelings. “ it was my son that killed your son.” said Kumalo “ there is no anger in me.” (Paton214). James is saying he is not angry at Kumalo because he sees the guilt and betrayal i his

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