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Literacy Essay I was eight years old in the third grade when I realized that English was not my best subject. I struggled with spelling word tests, reading out loud, and writing. I believe because I never performed well in English, the subject never caught my attention. As years past in school, my classmates and teachers helped me understand how important English is and why I should challenge myself to improve my overall understanding of the subject. Recently I decided to revamp my knowledge of English by reading every chance I get, learning new words, and asking question I do not clearly understand. It is sad to say, but until this day I have never finished an entire chapter book. Not because the books I choose to read doesn't grasp my interest, but because the thought of sitting in front of a book for hours is a nuisance to me. My only solution to the problem was to find a way that I would still read as much but not focus on one particular story as a chapter book does. I decided to…show more content…
It was challenging when I would be out in public having a conversation with others and they used words I was unsure of. I was always ashamed of my lack of knowledge so I never asked question when I should have. I remember having a conversation about nails with my coworker. He described the nail he liked as an “opaque” color. Sadly, I was unaware of what that word meant. I shook my head and continued our conversation as if I understood. I was a little embarrassed, but after our conversation ended, I said uncomfortably “ honestly I don’t know what that word is, what is opaque” while pronouncing the word incorrectly. He described it to me to the best of his ability and went on to give me his own definition of the word. After asking a question like that and hearing “look it up” plenty of times before, his reply encouraged me to ask questions about words or any English grammar I do not completely

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