Democracy And Democracy

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The relationship between democracy and economic growth has generated much controversy, research, and even bewilderment. If economic development is an expression of the level of development of societies, it will also be compatible with the level of democratic development. Democracy will become a catalyst and engine of economic and social development in society. To what extent does the economy affect the building of democracy? Is democracy a condition for economic development, or is economic development laying the foundations of democracy? These questions needed to be answered in terms of features of democracy that are closely related to economic growth to understand such relation. This paper reviews aspects of the democracy impact on economic…show more content…
The link between them stems from the aspirations and legitimate rights of individuals and people. History shows that experiences in which democracy and development have been severed have often ended in failure. On the contrary, between the processes of democratization and development contribute to their permanent consolidation. In order to confirm the validity of this argument, we should recognize the role of democracy in providing political and social stability and achieving equity. As well as, rationalizing economic policies, developing human resources, mobilizing citizens' energies, ensuring better use of economic and human resources, improving the performance of government agencies and economic institutions and elimination of…show more content…
et al., 2007). If many of the world's democratic experiences prove that high incomes and economic growth contribute to the transformation of countries into democracy such as South Korea, Spain, Greece and Mexico; and even if it is also agreed that rapid economic growth leads to the acceleration of the economic base of democracy, this is not always the case. For instance; some oil-exporting countries, although they are part of the developing countries, they have higher GNP levels than some developed capitalist countries, yet they are undemocratic, suggesting that broad-based economic growth includes a high level of industrialization may contribute to democratization, and the richness of oil sales does not lead to that transformation. Oil revenues accumulate in the country, thus increasing the power and bureaucracy of their

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