Essay On Democracy And Authoritarianism

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Introduction: Development is a hot issue in the academic debates. Scholars ask many academic questions relating to developments, what is development? Why some countries developed and other underdeveloped? Does the political system like democracy and authoritarian bring in development? Does Democracy lead a development or does economic development first before democracy? These questions and many other academic questions surrounding the development issue are on the debate. Therefore this paper does not answer many of these questions but here I would like to present the effects caused by two prominent political systems of the world, Democracy and Authoritarianism. In this short easy we would like to focus on ways of effects they had in development, how do democracy effect the economic development of a country or what are the effects of authoritarianism regime in economic development. In general there is no universal agreed principle to…show more content…
The development of democracy is nothing without sustainable economic development. Hence the sustainable economic development as the classic definition of world commission on environment and development states is sustainable development is reached if it “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Thus the effect of democracy on development involves a political and economical transformation of the society. The effect of democracy on development path cannot be maintained unless policies affecting developments is settled in democratic way that all people are equal to the resource, these must be give In much consideration like the distribution of benefits and costs that related to the access of the resources. In short democratic developments are affected by the way people understand and implement the democracy. Authoritarianism

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