Chapter 7 Of Hudson's American Democracy In Peril

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Our nation is a democratic nation that believes that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. Chapter 7 of Hudson’s American Democracy in Peril argues that the rise in economic inequality puts in danger our ideals of democracy. In the chapter, Hudson argues that the American Democracy is in danger because of the social and economic inequalities present in society. Hudson explores how the economic inequalities have grown since the 1970s and the factors that allow it to keep growing. He focuses on two kinds of social inequality; The American Dream and the racial inequality that still divide black and white Americans. Hudson states that democrats agree on the value of political equality but the relationship that exists between political and social equality is very controversial. In order to grasp the whole subject Hudson introduces two sides that can be taken when debating, they are, equality of opportunity and equality of condition. Hudson makes it clear that when equality is mention it does not necessarily mean that everyone is in the same economic situation, but that everyone has the same opportunity to rise up in the social and economic ladder. Hudson argues that the American Dream ideal is coming to its end. After the war many people’s income doubled and they could afford more luxuries.…show more content…
Hudson points out three problems that can arise due to the increment of economic inequality. The first one is the undermining of political equality. People who have high levels of education and income find political participation and representation much easier than poor or less educated people. Since not everyone can voice their thoughts equally there are disadvantages as to who has opportunities to better their condition. Hudson raises recent studies that have been conducted by political scientists that show that the rising economic inequality has led to political

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