Advantages Of BRT

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One of the solutions that can improve the public transport in Mangaung Municipality is the installation of the Bus Rapid Transport System (BRT). The BRT system is one of South Africa’s crucial implementation programs that that will ensure the success of the transport systems. Local transport cannot work if a bus service is not good, safe, affordable, accessibility and also attractive to the people across the society. The mass road-based public transport system mimics the rail road systems. The BRT system is a customer orientated, high quality transport system that will deliver to the public transport users not only fast but also comfortable, efficient and low cost mobility with a modem system. The BRT system will provide improvements to the transport infrastructure, vehicles and…show more content…
These include bus boarding island, bus turnouts and also curb realignments • It will produce comprehensive coverage • By moving people from their current location to their destination with a high frequency will serve a diverse market due to a BRT network having a high comprehensive coverage. Benefits of the BRT system The Bus Transit System is an economic development project since which consists of short, medium and long term benefits and impacts. The system is already implemented in the city of Johannesburg. The city will be physically and mentally integrated and also the quality of life will be improved through the system and also the accessibility it produces. Constraints by the existing bus and taxis systems will be resolved with a reliable public transport. This will help with transport arrangements and also more flexible employments. Short term benefits: • Fares will be fordable • Public transport services will be safe, reliable and frequent • The public transport system will be safe and securely • Traffic congestion, vehicle emission, fuel and energy consumption will be

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