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They say you can die from a broken heart. The heart strings (tendons) can sometimes break after a deep emotional trauma. I must have been holding on by a single strand then. Love is supposed to be this spectacular feeling that can mask any emotion, but is most often forgotten to be one of the most excruciating experiences. I wasted three years loving someone who was never really going to love me back. My parents had never set the best example ever either. Ever since then, I’ve never loved the same or thought of love in the same way. I will tell you what I thought love was and what it really is. I grew up watching every chick-flick known to man. I suppose anyone could say that from that moment I was set for doom. My expectations were set too…show more content…
I decided I wasn’t going look for a guy in my life. I waited patiently like a person at the doctor’s office. I’m sitting at the usual spot, the planter in front of the student store. I ate lunch every day with a few girls from my English class and five football players. Another football player joins us. My world changed from that moment on. A young man, 5’7 feet tall with ashy brown hair approached us. He had sculpted arms that I wanted to wrap around me from the minute I met him. His skin was fairly smooth when our hands touched for an introduction. His eyes were a sight to see. They were an emerald color with the perfect hint of brown. Eyes that could easily compel me to his command. “Hello Hannah. I am Estevan. Nice to meet you.” His grin resembling of Jay Gatsby. “It was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life” (Fitzgerald). The way he spoke, with such masculinity but also sensitivity. From that day my new, enchanted life had…show more content…
The only influences I had was watching my friends in relationships. I thought love was being showed off by your significant other because they cared that much. When you love someone, you are proud to call that person yours. You want to make all your guy friends jealous. However, not in a way where the girl appears as a piece of meat, but a trophy for winning his heart. Everywhere I look around, there are a minimum of people, usually people we don’t know. Hold my hand, kiss my cheek or forehead. Do something! Why isn’t he doing anything when we are together? Maybe he’s just nervous. Yeah, nervous, that’s what he is. Love is only doing the cute things in private when no one can see how incredibly adorable we are. “He’s just secretly intimate.” Or he is just secretly hiding his embarrassment of actually being romantically involved with me. That’s just how he showed his love for

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