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What is Love? It’s everywhere you go. Songs, movies, books and so much more are dedicated to it. It’s got it’s own music and theatre genre specifically dedicated to it. It’s even got it’s own holiday for it (and really, you could say two if you don’t consider Christmas a religious holiday!) Young girls dream about it and are practically taught that you should spend your entire life striving to find your “prince charming.” It seems no matter how hard you might try, there’s really no way to get away from it despite how hard you may try. But we don’t really seem to have an ideal, accepted universal meaning for it, do we? If you haven’t already determined what I was referring to in the previous paragraph, I’ll help you out. I was talking about love. We are so hung up over it, but we don’t even know exactly what it is. In the 90’s, Haddaway took the world by storm with his infamous “What is love?” hit single. (And he didn’t exactly help us determine it’s meaning either!) Since then, we still haven’t really decided loves true meaning. If you Google the definition of love, Google…show more content…
It’s not only a commitment shared with said significant other but also parenthood, personal achievements, friendships, deep commitments, true happiness, acceptance, trust, respect and much more. It’s a strong feeling that can be acquired easily, but it seems we don’t consider that. So, why are we so concerned with the beauty of love and acquiring it? Well, because love, trust, acceptance and happiness are all we seem to have that truly matters in the long run. It will never leave us or hurt us; just age with us and sometimes, it will change it’s form. Therefore, love is a passionate commitment or a deep attachment to someone or something. Whether that be a romantic commitment/attachment or just a commitment made to ones self or maybe just an attachment to your pet. Love has many different shapes or

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