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We use the word love in our daily conversation, but do we really know what is the true meaning of love? Love is so complex that it can’t have only one perspective or single definition. Love is a spiritual emotion expressed when you care for someone, is universal, scientifically explained, has different levels and is so strong emotion that transcend even death! Love is a personal emotion and is experienced by the lover. The characteristics of love are: self-sacrifice, unconditional, No doubts and Selfless. “Love is more easily experienced that defined”. Love is unique to every person, but it has some characteristics that help us to understand it’s meaning. It’s something that is alive in you, you can feel it, is universal meaning that we all can experience it. This word is expressed when you care for or have a passion for someone.…show more content…
Some people agree that it’s not a self-experience and have to involve more than one person. Other people believe it can be self-experience without someone loving you back. For example, someone can still feel love even after the death of your love one. Also that love exist at different levels or ways and it help us to establish families and communities. The different disguise of love are: “Philia”(close friend), “Ludus”(playful affection), “Pragma”(mature love, commitment,compromise), “Agape”(love for the humanity), “Philautia”(self love), “Eros”(sexual passion and desire). “But It unrealistic for anybody to expect all six types of love with only one person.” In other words, Love may be experience by the lover but it involve others persons. Also love can be express in different ways depending the the

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