Definition Essay: What Is Love?

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“What is love?” This is a question that you will find has many different answers. To some love is a way of life, to others love is a waste of time or to others is is something that is very exciting. Here’s my take on the subject: Love is something that cannot be defined but, must be “found.” Love is something that, once found, should be shared. Sharing love is not easy but it can be done in different types of ways. There different types of love include romantic love, family love and love between friends. Romantic love is the kind of love that is shared between boyfriends and girlfriends or husbands and wives. Romantic love consists of not only the typical everyday things that couples do, but, from my experience, the small things include cuddling and simple compliments. Even the big things like getting tickets to a concert can mean the world to the other person. Romantic love looks like couples holding hands and feeling appearing gleeful like when your parents look when they go on dates occasionally. Love between family is like an automatic bond that really cannot be broken. This bond cannot be broken because nine times out of ten your family will be by your side ALL OF THE TIME through everything including first words, first step, first day of school, first day of middle school, first day of high school,…show more content…
This love is like no other. This kind of love creates bonds with people you never thought you would bond with. You can tell your friends every little secret. The only challenge is finding your true friends, not the people who always want something from you but the one’s who are your friends because you are simply you. Friends are your second family, they are with you through almost everything. Friends know everything about you that you do not want your family to know. True friends borrow your clothes, say they will give them back and keep them anyway. They cry at graduation and laugh at

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