Euthyphro Pious Analysis

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In the book Five Dialogues by Plato in the dialogue between Socrates and Euthyphro an important question is brought into consideration, what is the definition of Piety? Three definition are proved to us by Euthyphro which he believes are correct and define piety. Socrates seems to disagree with all of them. He believes that the first one is a particular definition. The second definition given is a contradiction. The last definition is not a real definition of pious because it contains accidental qualities. Many times the definitions that people give are what they have created for themselves not what anyone would find as a real definition. When Socrates ask Euthyphro for the first definition his first response is “I say that pious is to do…show more content…
The third definition that Euthyphro gives Socrates is “I would certainly say that pious is what all the gods love, and the opposite, what all the gods hate, is the impious.” (Plato, p. 11) Socrates asked Euthyphro if things are pious because the gods think its pious or is it pious because it is pious and the gods like it for that. Euthyphro responses that it is pious and that is why the gods follow it. The statement that Euthyphro made is considered an accidental quality which does not fulfil a real definition. Accidents is a universal said of a species as belonging uncertainly to that species and its individual. For a definition to be complete it has to have genes and a specific…show more content…
The first definition of piety that is given wasn’t a real definition because it was an example of a particular definition. The second definition that is given is what is considered pious to the gods is pious and what is not liked by them is impious. This is not a true definition because it creates contradiction. Some gods may think something is pious while others might disagree. There is no way that one correct action or definition will be set by all the gods because they think differently. The last definition that is given stated says if pious is loved by the gods because of itself or because the gods think it’s pious. This example states accidental qualities because not a real clear definition. Another factor seen between these three definitions is that all of these things are seen in different points of view. Socrates analyses these definition is a philosophical way and Euthyphro view it in a religious perspective. He always seems to think in the way that involve the gods and pleasing what they think is right and

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