Love Essay: The Definition Of Love

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Something Called Love We all are familiar with that little girl who grows up waiting for her Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet under the stars. As she imagined, they would dance under the stars dreaming of a forever and always, filled with lust and love, but only in her favorite fairytale. Much like this little girl, we all hope to understand and have the chance to experience what love is. Love itself is a value, one of the essential elements in our lifetime which we have the pleasure of sharing with our family, peers, and special loved one. We experience hardships and moments of happiness with our peers, and we learn from those same people, what qualities we cherish most in our relationships. As these qualities existed in our past relationships, they help us shape our perception of what love is. Every…show more content…
I believe my specific meaning of love is significant because it considers our feelings of being wanted and valued promoting happiness. Love is far from perfect and may never be something labeled “ideal” because we only learn through experience what real love is to us individually. True love holds the power of happiness on top of romance, perseverance, commitment, and friendship. Romance may be an initial quality that we seek when we are searching for love, but only after perseverance in a relationship, do we learn that lust and romance aren't as important as we initially perceived them to be. Of course everyone is different, but in my opinion, I believe that you have found true love when you can say, “I am truly happy,” since real love is happiness after all. We find ultimate satisfaction when we see our true love and makes us realize that we want to spend our forever with that one specific person. Understanding love is important because when you take the time to think about a person critically, it makes you realize if you love them or if you love them for what they could

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