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What Is Love The Webster dictionary states that love is a ¨,profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.¨ It also states it’s a sexual passion or desire. To express these two definitions, love is a feeling towards one another. It’s funny because we all say “I love you,” with googly eyes, but when you break up or when you are no longer in love you develop passionate hate toward the no longer loved one. What some people do not understand is that when you are in a relationship there's a certain criteria for a successful relationship.You need to know what it is.You need to know what itś supposed to be like and what it is today. Romantic love when you share a romance with a loved one. It's the expressive and joyful feeling from the emotional attraction between two people. Romance shows an expression of one's strong romantic love or one's desires to connect with one another on a higher level. You become capable of romantic true love when you admit to your own truth. You admit to your own truth by dedicating to yourself to become aware of the complex and wide range of thoughts , feelings and experiences as…show more content…
Romantic love isn't friendly because it involves a partner. If it is romantic love, it will endure, growing and evolving to continue to support truth. For example “Sometimes I detest my husband.’ ‘Sometimes I feel thrilled by my partner.Sometimes I wish that my wife would just stop talking and leave me alone.’ ‘Sometimes I look over at my partner snoring and I find him totally unattractive.’ ‘Sometimes I feel suffocated by my marriage.’ ‘Sometimes I feel incredibly fortunate to be married to my spouse.’ ‘Sometimes I feel rejected by my partner.’ ‘Sometimes I feel alone, even with my partner sitting right next to me.’‘And amid all of this, I still want to be together.’ ‘Our bond remains strong.’ ‘We both keep growing.’ ‘We keep going together.’ ‘We keep loving each other.’ ‘This must be true

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