How Old Was Andrew Carnegie A Hero

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During the Gilded Age, Carnegie was one of the wealthiest and richest men in the world. During this time period, technology evolved fast, factories and textiles instead of farming. Compared to other monopolists of the time period, Carnegie was special because was able to provide wealth to his employees, his company, and himself better than everybody. Carnegie was the owner of American steel and during this time period, the steel was important for building. Carnegie became so successful because he was able to begin the steel industry and also the labor industry in America. Carnegie was demonstrated as a hero during his lifetime because he could not only handle his personal wealth and power he had but, he was also able to run his successful business understanding the quandary of the common worker. During his lifetime, Carnegie has lived lives of the poor but also the rich. Carnegie began his…show more content…
Carnegie didn’t focus on his wealth but he focused on his business. Carnegie was able to own such a great steel company that he pretty much had no competitors (Document C). Carnegie sold his steel for the least he can while still making a minimal profit. Even though his profit margins were very small, he was still able to come out with a profit (Document D). Before American Steel, there was no production of steel in the US. After Carnegie founded American Steel, he was able to generate more steel then all of the other countries. Carnegie also had some problems with other steel companies. A company called Allegheny Steel was making better quality steel and Carnegie wasn’t very happy with business being taken from him. Carnegie told all of main buyers that the competitor’s steel was defective and that his wasn’t defective so they should buy from him. This lead to Allegheny Steel being bought out by Carnegie a year later (Document F). Carnegie was a hero because he was able to make his company successful and keep his competitors

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