Day Of The Dead Research Paper

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Day of the dead is celebrated throughout the world in many different cultures. It originated in Mexico from the Aztec Empire, from one of their holiday celebrations. In Mexico today it has transformed into one of the biggest holidays through Latin America. Many different cultures celebrate this holiday differently in their own unique way, while expressing their love for the ones who have past. Many cultures tend to build an altar and visit the gravesite of the deceased. During the period of the Day of the Dead, each day is celebrated differently, along with different celebra-tion activities and events going on for each day. These celebrations of the dead, af-fect each individual differently. In most cases, it brings happiness to the family and friends. Day of the dead is a Mexican tradition. It began more than 2 thousand years ago, and now is a holiday in which families and friends get together to celebrate their loved ones who have past. It originated from the native group Aztec, as their goddess Mictecacihuatl, whom was an…show more content…
It is a huge Mexican tra-dition that will keep on growing in Mexico, while growing its wings throughout the rest of the world. It’s a celebration of the dead that is aimed to only bring happiness within a family. Celebrating by having feasts, parades, parties, or any other event, is they way the deceased would want their families to be remembering them. Decorat-ing an altar, is more for the family rather then for the dead. Families feel proud and are cherishing their personal memories as they layout decorations around the altar or at the gravesite. Overall, this holiday is one that many people should celebrate. It is a fun, creativity way of remembering those who you have lost, while being sur-rounded by the people who knew and loved your loss. It not only brings families and friends closer together but also the cities and the communities within the cities, closer
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