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Halloween in the United States and Day of the dead in Mexico are a time to pay homage to the dead either by conquering it or honoring it and its spirits. Lets look at some of the key parts of both holidays. How are they same and how are the different? Food is important in both celebrations. Halloween candy collected from trick or treating often bought in bags by the pound is central to the holiday. During Day of the Dead families with prepare the favorite food of the dead family member as a way of guiding their spirit back to the home. Day of the Dead practices focus on honoring dead loved ones. From preparing an alter with the persons favorite food to going to pray and decorate at the cemetery, it also should be noted that Day of the Dead…show more content…
Halloween costumes get more and more expensive every year and the need for every house on the block to have the super duper music looper smoke machine is all too real. The National Retail Association estimates the cost of this years Halloween at $7.2 billion! On Day of the Dead people make lots of food for the spirits and buy lots of decorations such as sugar skulls and candles for home and for the cemetery. People often take off work as well to prepare for the festivities. When Halloween and Day of the Dead both occur is both similar and different. Halloween is October 31st and most of the festivities happen that evening. Day of the Dead starts on October31st as well but goes until November 1st(the main celebration is on the 1st). Where Halloween occurs is mainly in the US and the way its celebrated stays relatively the same no matter where you are. Day of the Dead on the other hand can differ greatly from state to state in Mexico. For example in some states bodies at cemeteries can't stay safely underground for very long so after two years or so the bodies are dug up and moved to a special building on the cemetery site and instead every year the building is decorated instead of the individual

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