Happiness In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Can everyone actually reach happiness in their life time? The answer is yes, but most people just don't know how to get there, or they don't get a chance to achieve happiness. In class we watched a movie called Happy, it told many stories about how different people found their happiness. The book Of Mice and Men tells a story about two friends striving towards happiness but don't get to achieve it in the end. In the ted talk Michael Norton talks about how you can buy happiness if you spend your money in the correct way. Happiness can be achieved if we focus on the good things in life and not the negatives, if we learned to help others more than just thinking of ourselves Happy was a fantastic movie telling inspiring stories about how people…show more content…
Lennie from the beginning of the book was holding George back from obtaining true happiness. “you… an’ me. Ever’body gonna be nice to you. Ain’t gonna be no more trouble. Nobody gonna hurt nobody nor steal from ‘em” (Steinbeck 106). In the quote is was George trying to get Lennie to be happy before he kills him, Even if his happiness was short lived he got to die with a peaceful feeling. George was focused on letting Lennie die cheerful rather than himself being happy and by killing Lennie he might have even made himself more sad. “ Slim said, “ You hadda, George. I swear you hadda. come on with me.” he lead George into the entrance of the trail and up toward the highway”(Steinbeck 107). The quote was talking about Slim trying to justify George killing Lennie and that there was no other option. Slim and George walking away together symbolized that it was time for a new chapter in their life, and that now they can go achieve happiness another way. Most people in our world would not be able to move on past a tragic incident and would wallow in the depression. If they would have got the money sooner than they would have been happy, but maybe not because money doesn't buy happiness unless you use it the right
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