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At Metro we were given an opportunity to join cultural it was every Wednesday for seven weeks. In cultural we had a guest speaker come in every week talking about their culture and where they’re from. It was interesting learning about the different cultures and how they were raised. Being a part of cultural opened my eyes and made me think and realize things I never thought of. I never realized how much culture is around me and I never realized how important my own culture was to me. After having cultural I realized the importance of my own culture and how honored and proud I am of my own culture. In this paper I’m going to teach you everything I learned about cultural and information about my own culture. Our first cultural was Native Americans and I did not know what to suspect I had no knowledge of this culture. The things I have learned is that every year, Natives had a powwow which is kind of like a fair it brings Natives and Indians together and they celebrate by dancing and singing old tribe dances and songs. They were dressed in their native clothes and ate their native foods. The next…show more content…
I’m Hispanic and both my parents are born in Mexico, but I was born in the United States. Even though we no longer live in Mexico we still know and honor Mexican celebrations. Diez y Seis is a major celebration it’s Mexican Independence Day it’s celebrated on September 16th. Every year on the 15th of September at midnight many people gathered together to hear the mayor or the president repeat the cry of freedom speech. Diez y Sies is celebrated by gathering together and dancing and eating and watching fireworks. Another important celebration is the day of the dead, it celebrated on November 1st ; it’s a celebration to honor the loved ones who passed away. Being a part of the Mexican culture makes me proud of who I

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