Annotated Bibliography On Hiroshima Bombing

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Annotated Bibliography “Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima.” The History Channel website. (2009). Web. In this article, the staff at history channel gave an approximate of numbers of how many people died instantly, how many people were injured, and how many would be dead from the effects in a year from the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, Japan. He/she go on to tell the name of the bomb, Little Boy. Another thing that the article says is that there were 90,000 buildings in Hiroshima before the blast and only 28,000 remained after, that there were 200 doctors before the explosion and after there was only 20 that were not injured. The author goes on to say that there were originally 1,780 nurses before and after there was only 150. All of this information is being used to show some different effects that the Japanese, who were actually there during the dropping of the bombs, faced, which is different than the ones who were forced into internment camps. Trueman, Chris. N. “The Bombing of Nagasaki.” (2015). Web.…show more content…
Originally Nagasaki was not a target for the atomic bomb, but when the idea of bombing Kyoto was withdrawn because of its religious associations, Nagasaki was put up. Trueman goes on to tell the name of the bomb, Fat Man. The Fat Man bomb was originally going to put dropped on Kokura, but the weather that day saved it from the bomb. It then went on the other target, Nagasaki. He also shows a survey that covered the numbers of death, wounded, and missing. This article helps to put a light

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