Fahrenheit 451 Argumentative Essay

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In the book Fahrenheit 451, Beatty gives Montag a speech about things we have now that we didn’t always have. He tells about how they increased the number of people watching television and listening to the radio. Back then they didn’t have television like we do today. It was on a box TV and only got a few channels. Now days we get home from school and sit down and watch TV. This brings me to another part of his speech. Beatty said that school was shortened. Maybe that’s because they got rid of books and they didn’t have any new knowledge to teach. In my opinion TV is not the way to teach your children new things. Staring at a TV isn’t the best thing for children. Beatty also said that discipline relaxed. So there for kids don’t get in trouble anymore, that is by their parents. In my mind when he said that I think that their parents just let them do whatever they wanted, which was, I’m guessing sit in front of the TV all day. Another point he said was that languages dropped. Therefore they only…show more content…
Again we have television, just like they did. We also have radios. Most people use the radio to listening to music in the car or if they’re doing stuff around the house. But lots of people these days have iPhones and iPods, so they listen to that more than they do the radio. Beatty mentioned that they had sports like Bowling, golf, basketball, billiards, pool, and football. We have all those sports still. They may not have been played as often as they are now. They probably didn’t have the Superbowl for Football or March Madness for Basketball. I personally don’t watch Golf that much I honestly think it’s boring. Bowling isn’t that big of a sport, I mean for me that is. The only time I go bowling is if it’s a birthday or something. I used to watch it every Tuesday night when my dad played as a team with a group of his guy friends. Although just because I don’t like very many sports doesn’t mean other people don’t

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