Why I Want To Go Back To School Essay

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There are many factors in the reasons why some people don’t finish high school. My reason is personal, but not as personal and life changing as the reason why I made the choice to go back to school. It was my plan for years to get my diploma because everything I wanted to do in life I needed it for one reason or another. As the years went on, I started to feel it was to late for me, just kept procrastinating. I guess I just needed a little push to do what is best for me and that would be the arrival of my daughter. I have been working one dead end job after another, third shift jobs for the past 6 years. Besides me being physically tired. I am growing tired of having to work those hours and having no promises of moving up in the companies. That’s when I looked at my daughter and decided I need to be something more for her. I wanted to have a career I was proud of and grow in, while being a great provider for my family. I started in on some research on how a person my age can get a diploma while dealing with…show more content…
That’s not the life I want for my daughter. To be able to be home when she is put to bed, not be tired all day when all she wants to do is play. She has made my life change for the better in every way and I can even remember what life is like without. So I owe it to her to make this change, she deserves so much more then I can give her right now is my current situation. As a mom it really eats at me not being able to do everything I wish to do for her. She is young enough now where I can make my life better and she wouldn’t have to see or know about the struggles that come with being a mom, a low paying job and no diploma. Hopefully in the future all she will see is her mom being a successful veterinary technician working a normal day schedule. Doing everything I can to make her happy and giving her the tools needed for her to have the future she

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