Dangers Of Swimming

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During the sweltering summer days, I often find myself wishing I owned a pool, being able to jump in whenever I feel the need would be wonderful! Trekking to the house of the nearest friend who owns a pool, or even going to the local public pool can be a hassle, and after reading these articles I am not sure it is worth the risk. I am not sure if others have kept their pools up to the recommended safety standards, or that parents are paying close enough attention to their children to stop them from treating the pool as a toilet. Furthermore, checking the local agency about the safety of the beaches around me had never crossed my mind, even though this is where the majority of my summer swimming is done! These articles explain the dangers of…show more content…
I understand the risks of swimming in untreated water, especially still water such as lakes and ponds. Building upon this, if there are no lifeguards on duty I am overly cautious about safety practices on the beach. However, I do not usually shower before swimming in a pool or other body of water. I usually treated this as a recommendation rather than a rule. Although, after reading this information, I am inclined to change this practice. I did not understand that by diving into a pool with dirt still on my skin I have been decreasing the effectiveness of the chemicals that are used to treat the water. I never go to the bathroom in the pool or ocean water, and if somebody does I will usually remove myself from the…show more content…
Not once have I second guessed jumping into a pool where the bottom was out of sight or the water was slightly murky, nor have I ever questioned whether a friend’s pool is safe. According to “Check Out Healthy and Safe Swimming” checking clarity of water can potentially save lives; clear water allows lifeguards to see struggling people more easily (Check Out Healthy and Safe Swimming). Going forward I will certainly be warier of the water I am diving headfirst into. Any of the other people swimming in a pool could be sick, and that could spread the disease to anybody else in the vicinity. Even my friends’ pools could be contaminated if they have not practiced the proper safety

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