10 Facts About The Movie Jaws

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10 Facts That Will Change How You View Sharks After hitting the big screen with a big bang many years ago, the movie, “Jaws” has received different reactions from the viewers. Most of the reactions were negative and were all directed towards the sharks. The movie shows how the sharks attacked the helpless people. It has also shown that sharks could be considered as the mighty lord of the waters. The movie has also showed that the great whites are real deadly and destroy human life. All of these speculations about the deadly creature came out after the blockbuster movie “Jaws” was shown. While it’s true that the great whites are very dangerous, there are also speculations that most of these great whites or sharks are harmless unless they are…show more content…
Some Sharks Can Stop Swimming. They use “ram ventilation” as their form of breathing Wherein they let water in their lungs by using rapid, forward movements. Some sharks use the old breathing method, known as “buccal pumping” while they are resting. This kind of breathing method allows the shark to use the muscles of their mouth to draw in water to allow them to breathe. On the other hand, some sharks die if they stop swimming because they can’t breathe using the buccal pumping method. These sharks are known as an “obligate ram ventilators”. Shark Finning is practice to catch a shark and have its fin cut off. This will make a good shark fin soup. After cutting off the fin the shark is returned to the water. However, these sharks whose fins were cut off were caught alive in a shark-catching competition.

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