How Has Swimming Changed Over Time

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Throughout the course of history everything goes through changes. Whether the change is dramatic or so small it does not make a difference, it is still a change. Like everythingelse swimming swimming has changed and evolved overtime. Since people have swam for thousands of years, there has been some changes from how they swam then to how people swim now. Swimming has changed and evolved overtime and the way people swam then is different from how people swim now. Swimming has been around since ancient times. Archeaoligists have found rock paintings of people believed to be swimming that date back to ten thousand years ago. These paintings were found in an old cave called "The Cave of Swimmers", and show pictures of people doing the breaststroke…show more content…
Leonardo da Vinci created early sketches of lifebelts. Lifebelts were worn around the waist to help keep swimmers afloat. People also filled cow bladders, collected reed bundles, and made cork belts as a way to also keep swimmers afloat. In 1539, the first book about swimming was written by a German profesor of languages named Nikolous Wynmann. The book, Colymbetes, was written to reduce the dangers of drowning. Everard Digby also wrote a book about swimming in 1587. In this book, he claimed that humans can swim better than fish. Also featured in his book were over forty illistrations depicting different methods of swimming. In Japan, Emperor Go-Yeezi declared that all school children should swim. The book, The Art of Swimming, became the standard reference of swimming for many years to come. The French author, Melchisidech Thevenot, described a stroke very similar to the modern breaststroke in his book. In 1798, Guts Muts wrote a book called Kleines Lelrbuch der Schwimmkunst zum Selbstunterricht, which means small study book book of the art of swimming for self study. Guts reccomended using a fishing rod like device to to learn how to swim. In his book, he also lists a three step approach to learning how to swim. First you get used to the water. Second, practice swimming motions outside of the water. Third, practice swimming motions in the water. According to Guts Muts, if you follow these three steps you will learn how to swim. A group of salt makers in Halle, Germany called the Haloren, greatly advanced swimming. The Haloren group set a good example to the rest of the world by teaching their children to swim at a very young age. This made swimming more popular throughout the rest of the

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