Beach House Essay

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Introduction: The beach house is a type of building that located near the beach. It is a great place to spend holidays with family and enjoy the beautiful sea view. These houses build with special materials which are suitable for the beach. Also, it has special features and designs that make it different from the other houses. This report consists of several points, including the beach house materials, the element, principles and the standard of designing a beach house. It also includes an analyzing of the program and the area required. The Beach House Materials: The materials that used in building this house should be weather-friendly because it is located in a natural environment. Also, it should endure the speedy winds and…show more content…
Standard of the living area: all the rooms which belong only to the house, including swimming pools, terraces and balconies. The standard of the terrace: The standard of the living, cooking and dining room: The standard of the bedrooms: The standard of the bathrooms: Principles of designing a beach house: Elements: The elements are the base of any visual design or artwork. It can carry a lot of messages. Type of elements: Line: The line is the outline of the object. It is a simple element, but it expresses a variety of verbal and visual concepts. There are many types of lines: Curved lines Straight lines Horizontal Diagonal Vertical Shape: Used for the 2D objects, there are two types of the shapes: Geometric Organic Positive and negative Dynamic Shapes Color: The colors can make huge differences in the place. It can change the mood and affect on the shape’s sizes. The types of colors: Secondary colors Primary colors Warm & cold colors Complimentary colors Texture: The texture refers to how the surfaces look like. There are many types, including:
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