Importance Of Social Media In An Organization

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SOCIAL MEDIA AND EMPLOYEE BACKGROUND CHECK Abstract: In the modern era, an organization has to invest on the human resources because they are the real asset to the company. Human resources create the competitive advantage to the organization through their skills, capabilities, values, education, responsibilities, etc. Hence they are building blocks for an organization to be in success. So, while recruiting people the organization has to chart at large. Once, a wrong person is recruited the money invested in the recruitment process will become waste so in the process of recruiting a candidate the HR managers has to take the additional information of the candidates and after recruiting the candidate the HR has to perform the employee background…show more content…
The HR practices under taken by the HR department are starting from an employee entering into the organization to the exiting of an employee from the organization. Those are like Human resource planning, recruitment, job evaluation, employee evaluation, selection, induction, placement, training, performance appraisal, compensation, collective bargaining, employee welfare, pay rolls, transfers, promotions, turnovers and etc. Among all the other HR practises recruitment is given such an importance because of the candidate enters into the organization so for this the employee checking was essential. Hence every organization performs the employee background checks on the job applicants. So with the increasing technology the social media background checks are performed on the applicants to get right person at the right place. Literature provides that limited usage of the social media in the HR practices and the literature gives a brief report of the social media in the 21st century their users and extended growth in business sectors . But right now the business practises like HR, marketing, maintaining, supply chain and infrastructure is using social media. The HR practises like recruitment, employee screening, training, development and like are doing through…show more content…
One of the first social media sites was created in 1994, and it was called "Geocities”. Social media has become a major factor in influencing the major aspects of the HR practices like recruitment, employee evaluation, background checks, selection and etc, in marketing as consumer buying behaviour, awareness, attitudes, opinions, and advertisements in the production and manufacturing has also the impact. There are many researchers has been on the social media from the past ten years. Companies use social media checks for two purposes one for hiring ethical applicants and secondly for increasing the goodwill. Kaplan and Haenlein (2010) says that based on the self disclosure and the self presentation the social media has divided into six types as blogs and micro blogs as twitter, SNS’s as facebook, virtual social world, collaborative projects as Wikipedia, content communities as youtube, virtual game worlds as world of warcraft. For this we can one more that the government sites as Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) so that the social media classification completes as shown in the Fig:

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