Multimodal Reflection

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While picking a college to attend, students are most likely to feel drawn to a school based off location, opportunities and what current students have to stay about their experiences. In my multimodal artifact, Pace University hits all of those points very successfully within an eight minute video showing you around their campus. They use a variety of successful students currently enrolled in the university who persuade you that you will get the best education possible if you attend Pace. Along with the students talking about all the school has to offer, they show you clips of where they go to learn, sleep, eat, and have fun as a student in New York City. The purpose of this video is to make you want to attend their college and this video…show more content…
The student that is talking about his major is being filmed inside the theater where you would be performing as a student there. He discusses all the amazing things you could be apart of then goes into talking about all the important people that have been on the very stage you would be performing on. While he talks about these people there are pictures shown from the event they were apart of and since they are recognizable faces it will catch peoples eye. By doing this, it puts the idea that if these important, famous people have been on this stage how can any other program even compare. Then it kind of turns into a requirement when picking a school for some students, in their head while looking at other theatre programs they’ll think “okay thats cool but Pace University has had these important public figures on the stage I’d be performing on” so then every other option seems less appealing. Finally in this part of the video the student mentions “it becomes very easy to imagine yourself performing along with them” which then makes you believe that you will be more successful if you come here because of the success that has been on their

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