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Not long ago, I read a news on the internet. One summertime, two children played nearby a river, while divers were recovering a sunken automobile. Suddenly, the first child pushed the other one, who could not swim, into the river as a prank. Fortunately, one of the divers saved the drowned. Yet, even after the divers left, the children were still playing by the river. Again, the first child shoved the second one into the river. Realizing that his friend was desperately struggling and nearly dying in the water, the first child dashed to find help. Unfortunately, before help arrived, the second child had already drowned. When I told my dad this troubling anecdote, he told me his old secret swimming story and reminded me to keep away from the…show more content…
While swimming the backstroke, he moved farther away from the bank; meanwhile, he waved his right hand widely yet briefly several times, as he required both hands to stroke to keep afloat. Noticing that he could not turn back, my dad jumped into the water impetuously, attempting to pull him back. Quickly, my dad reached him, grabbing his right arm using the right hand, and tried to turn around. At this moment, my dad’s classmate grabbed my dad’s right wrist and left wrist using both of his hands, to get a sense of safety. In order to regain control, my dad immediately turned two hands to hold his two wrists. Now both of them were in standing position. Knowing the situation was catastrophic, my dad released two hands and turned back, trying to escape. Right before swimming away, my dad felt his two shoulders pushed downward and sank into the water. Now both of them were in standing positions, sinking. His classmate rose up to the surface, allowing him to take a breath. However, then my dad floated up to take a breath, and his classmate sunk into the water again. Again, my dad felt his two shoulders pushed downward and sank into the water. This repeated for a couple of times, and one time when my dad rose up to the surface, he thought that was the last time he would see the world. Then he tried to touch the bottom of the creek with his feet, but could not. After my dad sunk into the water one last

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