Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 3 M1

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Unit 3: M1 – compare and contrast the influence of legalisation, legal factors and regulatory bodies on health and safety in sport. Sports day – In sports day the health and safety that we have to use is important and meets the expectations. Someone that works there must make sure that the health and safety that they use there is suitable to use in a working environment. The health and safety employees are always ready for service in the activity. Dure in the activities there is someone there that makes sure that all the equipment that they are using is all working. Also if they have all the equipment that they thought they needed but then someone has a different injury that they was waiting for and they don’t have enough equipment to solve it then they could end up with being sacked.…show more content…
Firstly would be in loco parentis which means that a member of staff is acting as a parent of the student. The member of staff cannot hand over the responsibilities to another member of staff otherwise they could be done for the negligence if a student gets injured or detains any damage; they will then receive consequences from their carelessness. Another legal factor for sports day would be duty of care. Using this you will need common sense just to know the basic steps of what duty of care actually is. The health and safety executive (HSE), are people that look at people’s health and safety whilst in work. The HSE visit properties owned by the community such as sports arenas and swimming baths. They do this to make sure that everyone’s health and safety is good in the community. Everyone that is involved in the sport it puts

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