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Strangest Kayak Fishing Encounters (925 Words) Kayak angling is a very relaxing hobby and a great way to unwind, but like all outdoor activities, it has its fair share of dangers. Most of these dangers can be avoided by using common sense, the right gear and taking all the necessary precautions. However, sometimes you will run into unexpected scenarios that are virtually impossible to plan for. While many encounters when kayak fishing can be very dangerous, such as drawing the attention of a shark or crocodile when you are out on the water, others are a little more unique. Sometimes these encounters can be dangerous, but many of them are just strange. Here are a couple clips of kayak anglers who had some unique encounters while they were busy…show more content…
However, an angler named Rory O’Connor was amazed to see a dog swimming up to him. Rory discovered that the dog was in obvious distress, but couldn’t figure out why the scared animal was way out in the water. After rescuing the dog and returning it to the shore he attempted to find the owner only to later discover that the traumatized animal belonged to a woman who was killed in a hit and run accident a mile from where the dog was swimming. The dog, named Barney, was reunited with the rest of the family, but who knows what would have happened if Rory didn’t encounter the dog and made sure it got to…show more content…
After paddling closer to check out the deer, he was surprised when instead of fleeing the animal actually came towards him. As other anglers watched in amazement, the deer waded into the water. After noticing that the deer was wearing a collar, the angler beacched up his kayak on the shoreline and went to meet the curious animal. The man then left to continue his angling, but the deer was so tame that he managed to feet it some oats when he encountered it again on the way

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